Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conference Announcement

Reimagining the Poet-Critic: Practice, Pedagogy, Poetics

This conference invites participation in a series of dialogues about the role of the poet-scholar. As a practitioner of poetry or other “imaginative” writing and more theoretical or critical work, the poet-critic or poet-scholar works both inside and outside the university. How do these two activities come together to affect the reading and writing practices of poet-critics and their readership? Since many poet-critics are read within college classrooms or are themselves professors or teachers, we are interested in the pedagogical implications of their writing practices. The conference is an occasion for dialogue across genres, disciplines, readerships and pedagogical practices and focuses on the ways writing practices can encourage creative and critical thinking.
The conference consists of six panels with three papers and invited respondents; a pedagogy colloquium; and poetry readings. Respondents will consist of invited guests and UCSC faculty.

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